Over the last ten years the meteoric rise of British artist Lhouette (Born Ciarán Robinson) has been nothing short of remarkable. Gaining his pseudonym from a series of works featuring a cast of striking yet subversive female silhouettes, Lhouette is regarded as one of the United Kingdom’s leading urban pop artists. Lhouette became widely known from 2012, having gained representation from a series of distinguished commercial galleries across the UK. This presence immediately led to a new generation of urban art collector acquiring key early works. A series of sell-out solo exhibitions alongside published editions and original collections soon followed.

Lhouette’s meticulously developed craft produces standout works utilising both raw and refined materials coated in his signature jam-packed painted collage work, the artist has gained critical recognition for his ‘Post Urban Glamour’ and ‘Pop Maximalist’ concepts, along with his widely collected cast off figurative motif’ designs.

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