Born in London in 1963, Jonathan was raised predominantly in Canvey Island, Essex, as well as travelling the world with his father, for his work.

Jonathan started painting and drawing from an early age, and missed the end of his schooling so that he could pursue a career as an artist. During his early 20’s, however, he worked as a builder until he could rely on the income from his art and could devote more time to his real work.

His paintings concentrate on atmosphere and emotion. The people that are, rarely, depicted are separate from the picturesque scene around them. He creates works that are introspective oases; quiet studies of life from both the city scene and his home. His London works, in particular, offer a contradiction from the busy, bustling urban life and show an emptier, stiller, yet more personal perspective of the chaos around them. Jonathan catches those silent glimpses of time and holds them fixed in the canvas. The viewer is then able to connect more personally to the work, adding another dimension to the artist’s vision.

His home now is in Deal, Kent, where he takes constant inspiration from his life and those around him.

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