The World of Jonathan Shaw is a place of sweeping skies, vivid colours and smouldering horizons originating in the artist’s extensive travels. His inspiration ranges from the vast open spaces and unique colours of the oceans to the incandescent colours of volcanic eruptions.

As a child Jonathan always loved to paint and stood in awe of his father, a professional artist. Travelling the world, Jonathan wanted to absorb as many different cultures as he could and funded his adventures by selling paintings as he went; paintings inspired by the sights and sounds that were presenting themselves to him along the way. His confidence as an artist grew and he returned home to Yorkshire to embark on a highly productive period of painting. He embraced new working methods and illustrative approaches to the work that began to define who he was as an artist and where he was going in terms of genre.

Jonathan has become one of the country’s leading and most successful contemporary landscape painters of the past decade. He has been shortlisted and nominated by the prestigious and widely-respected Fine Art Trade Guild on numerous occasions since turning professional with two nominations for best newcomer in his early days, and once he was established, two awards as the country’s best selling artist

He has been elected a Fellow of the British Society of Painters and the International Guild of Artists, and his work is now held in private collections and galleries throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

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